Maria Magdalena


Hello, I’m Magdalena.

I’m an independent graphic designer and illustrator with a striking aesthetic and strong professional reputation.

I hand-draw illustrations and logos, create visual systems with heart, and specialise in designing with my clients’ business growth kept front of mind.

After my success as a senior designer for a global company, I made the move to independence, and have been designing under my Maria Magdalena brand for over 10 years.

Combining my role as an internationally exhibiting artist with my expertise in graphic design has ensured my measurable success. I have worked with brands from all over the world, many of whom have experienced over 300% growth after working with me.

Having moved to Cape Town to pursue my passion in the art industry, I now call the Cape Winelands home.

I was named a SABS Design Achiever in my fourth year of studies as well as an Emerging Creative at the International Design Indaba two months after launching my first illustration range.

I am particularly known for my style of combining complex lines to simple, elegant effect. It has been an honour to have had my work published worldwide on blogs, in magazines, on the radio and even on television.

Process is important to me and because of that, I take on a limited number of projects at a time. This quality control means I can give you the focus and exclusivity to ensure the very best results.

If you are ready to invest in yourself and your business growth, then welcome.



"My reach-for-the stars dreams were made an astounding reality through the brand that Magdalena brought to life for me. Presence online is vital to reflect the level of service you are hoping to portray, and damn, did she get that spot on!

Most people raised an eyebrow when I took to Instagram as the primary online position for my small accounting business, yet it was the start of an astonishing success

I owe every last credit to Magdalena, each and every client said ‘WOW, what a brilliant brand!’"