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Hello, I am Magdalena. Thank you for stopping by. This is my platform to share my art with the world from my home art studio in Tamboerskloof or hot desk in The Silo District of Cape Town. I also have a wonderful team of professionals running all of my Artist Admin.

I am a small town girl, second daughter to a minister and pre-school teacher, who raised me to appreciate simplicity, art, music and literature.  Maria Magdalena is our traditional Afrikaans family name: second daughter named after the paternal grandmother. I cherish and share the name with two of my darling cousins.

Drawing is simply a part of who I am. It is how I express my love to family and friends. Never once did it cross my mind as a career path but when I look back now it all seems comically inevitable.

Sharing my illustrations with the world started in a small church in Cape Town where we auctioned off my first fine art print to raise funds. A month after launching my first collection it was picked up by bloggers and I was chosen as one of Africa’s Emerging Creatives at the International Design Indaba.

My brand is an extension of my heart and hands. Every single day that I get to call this my job is an absolute blessing. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to each and every person who has supported my illustration journey.




Maria Magdalena is a Cape Town based contemporary illustrator celebrating an elegant simplicity through intricate lines of ink. Shop the current collections online or order your custom original illustration today.

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