E-commerce is once again allowed in South Africa. We are now able to process and courier internationally.

E-commerce is once again allowed in South Africa. We are now able to process and courier internationally.

Workshop | Local Gifts

My Ink + Foil workshop was held this past weekend and it was the first time that I was in charge of everything myself. I missed my talented friend Lynn who usually would deal with all of the admin, gift bags and tools immensely. 🙂 Mags-Gift-Bag-Photo-1Favourite-Things   My vision for this workshop was to create something that I would honestly want to attend myself. I started planning it early this year and it took months of thoughtful planning. Our generation of creative females have become truly inspirational entrepreneurs and I am so proud to be a part of such a strong community of women who help each other, never hesitating to join hands and collaborate. Together, we are strong. Our brands have carried us to international acclaim and yet our hearts remain deeply rooted in South Africa and always ready to support our fellow female creatives. When it became time to plan the gift bags I reached out to my personal favourite brands to invite them to take part in the workshop. Each gift was thoughtfully selected to form a meaningful collection of items with exceptional quality.   Maria Magdalena The unbleached cotton bags were handmade by Wass and I decided to draw on them to make them even more special. The sketchbook and guide book was written and illustrated by me and printed on a beautifully textured fine art paper. I also included a fine art print for each attendee from my latest range that was exhibited in New York and Berlin this year. Mags-Gift-Bag-Photo-5 Mags-Gift-Bag-Photo-15 Mags-Gift-Bag-Photo-16   Jane Sews You will always find Jane Sews items in my wardrobe. My outfit from head to toe for the workshop was from my personal Jane Sews collection. The quality and style of each piece is so thoughtfully considered and the colour palette ensures a timeless elegance. I was blown away by the effort that they made for each voucher to hand write a note to each attendee. Mags-Gift-Bag-Photo-13 Mags-Gift-Bag-Photo-14   Wass Not only did Wass help me by sewing the gift bags, they also added a delightful temple oil for each attendee. It is one of my favourite products and lifted everyones spirits as they applied it to their temples and necks for a beautiful start to a Spring day of creating, connecting and learning. Mags-Gift-Bag-Photo-9 Mags-Gift-Bag-Photo-8   Mia Melange Mia Melange and her products have had a special place in my heart since I met her years ago at the Design Indaba. Her rope baskets are exceptional and I have them all over my home and studio. Mia gifted each attendee with a beautiful trinket basket which they used during the workshop and took home. Mags-Gift-Bag-Photo-12   Klomp Ceramics Klomp Ceramics is my new studio mate! I have been stalking Alexia’s ceramic creations for quite some time and own two of her exceptionally beautiful necklaces. Not only did she immediately offer each attendee one of her incredibly beautiful small marble ceramic bowls, she invited me to join her new collaborative industrial studio where I now have the very difficult task of walking past her ceramics every day without buying the whole lot. The struggle is real. Mags-Gift-Bag-Photo-11 Mags-Gift-Bag-Photo-10   Simply Granola Simply Granola took the creative scene by storm with her unbelievably beautiful packaging and delicious granola. We met over Instagram and she sent my mama a granola gift for Mother’s Day after reading one of my posts. I was floored. It is becoming more and more rare to find random acts of kindness in the world. I sent her mama some fine art prints and wrote a note to honestly just congratulate her for raising such a kind hearted woman. We finally met in person when I was fetching the gifts for the workshop and we chatted like old friends in her newly renovated home. I am utterly inquisitive, so obviously I walked through every room to gasp and admire like only women can. Mags-Gift-Bag-Photo-6 Mags-Gift-Bag-Photo-7   Summah And finally, Summah. Their Turkish throws and towels honestly takes my breath away they are so beautiful. When I went to fetch the gifts from Kirsten I not only got to explore the beautiful products but meet her wonderful parents as well. They have some swoon worthy new products launching and it took every little piece of self restraint I have to walk out of there without buying every single one. Mags-Gift-Bag-Photo-4 Mags-Gift-Bag-Photo-2   More blog posts to follow to celebrate my favourite foliage partner in crime Bouwer Flowers, the ever talented photographer who captured the event, Jessica Stafford and of course the obscenely talented Matanna Katz who not only led the styling hour of the workshop but styled, photographed and edited the gift bag items for me. If you look up “going the extra mile” you will have this kindhearted soul at the top of the list.   Gifts Maria Magdalena Jane Sews Summah Simply Granola Klomp Ceramics Mia Melange Wass   Styling + Photography by Matanna Katz    

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