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Wild Hearts

An infectiously joyous after wedding photoshoot where a handful of Cape Town’s fiercely talented females came together to produce something truly exceptional with a real married couple.

My heart is absolutely bursting to be able to share this special photoshoot. Something so magical came together with some of the most incredible girls. My sister-in-law Kate who is the queen of finding amazing brands on Instagram shared the Ayeh Khalatbari Photography Instagram account with me last year while we were on holiday together. We have been obsessing over Ayeh’s incredible photographs ever since.

Ayeh has the most incredible way of creating movement in her photographs and getting women to feel comfortable, romantic, playful and joyful. I must say I have never seen anyone so naturally good at it. I have been playing around with ideas for a shoot to work with her and finally just got in touch to find out her rates and availability (she travels the world often!). Since I kept my wedding dress I thought why not, life is short and should be beautiful, let’s play around with it again. We set the date for mid July in between her European trips.

While out for after work drinks with some fellow freelancers my lovely friend Gosia suggested I post about the photoshoot on Instagram and seeing if anyone else would be keen to get involved for some content and wow what a response! One of my clients, Amanda, of Kadou Floral Design, jumped on board and even suggested a make-up artist. What a girl! We’ve still never met, but I am so in awe of her helpful nature, spirit and incredible talent. She created some of the most breathtaking designs for me and even went so far as to create floral earrings, two headdresses, a gorgeous bouquet and even a floor arrangement. My goodness can I highly recommend her!

A friend from our small group, Claire, from Botanica Jewellery also got in touch via Instagram and sent me three gorgeous options to choose from. Having fellow creative to talk to, especially ones that share my beliefs have been so special to me. Claire’s jewellery blew me away. They are so organic, delicate and powerfully minimalistic. I have been wearing my little foliage studs pretty much almost every single day.

Marli from Marlinette Newman Make-up got in touch as well and she was my actual make-up artist on my wedding day. How incredibly special to have her create something beautiful for me a second time. We got to play a bit more without the constraints of “it needs to look good for 10 hours” so we went with wild, long, loose curls, red lipstick and a striking eye. It was so valuable to us both to spend the morning together just talking about life in a far more real way – sharing pieces of our lives, our hearts and our beliefs. She is an absolutely stunning person and I will continue to highly recommend her for any event you might have. She will make you feel incredibly beautiful.

And finally, Ayeh. Oh goodness where to start. That girl has a light shining so brightly sharing her beauty, vivacious energy and incredible talent with the world through her photographs. She is quite simply, gorgeous. But not only on the outside, she is one of the most infectious people I have ever met. It was an absolute honour to work with her and we chatted so much that we were late for our dinner reservations. We even went to buy champagne to celebrate. And then we continued to chat after the photoshoot and her husband Calvin and her made us a delicious dinner in their incredible New York style apartment in the city with their cat and their dog.

Last and most importantly – to my husband, Sean. You are by far my greatest adventure. My life is unrecognizable to me sometimes simply because you have brought so much joy into my world. This first year of marriage has had some serious ups and downs and I celebrate the good with the bad equally. I sometimes giggle that such a quiet man ended up with this wild heart of mine. You balance me so beautifully, you are my absolute biggest fan and no dream I have is ever to big for you to try and conquer. I am so grateful to be able to spend my life with you. Thank you for putting up (and enjoying!) my crazy ideas. I have never been a purer form of my true self than I am with you.

I am just obsessed. Obsessed with these incredible women that I had the absolute pleasure of working with. Obsessed with the creative world we have all created together here in Cape Town and in South Africa as a whole. This photoshoot made my heart GLOW. It literally makes my soul sing. One day many many years from now I will most certainly look back at my life and smile, knowing that we as creative females made a pretty amazing life together for ourselves. We took risks, did things that didn’t maybe make sense to everyone, we failed gloriously and won humbly. We did it together and we made our lives exceptionally beautiful.

Happy Women’s Day to you all!




Photographer: Ayeh Khalatbari Photography

Couple: Sean Duncombe + Maria Magdalena Campbell

Make-up and Hair: Marlinette Newman

Florist: Kadou Floral Design

Jewelry: Botanica Jewellery

Dress: Elbeth Gillis




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