E-commerce is once again allowed in South Africa. We are now able to process and courier internationally.

E-commerce is once again allowed in South Africa. We are now able to process and courier internationally.


We have all grown to know and adore this inspiring local brand, thoughtfully created by founder Nelle van Deventer. Their hand crafted food for your skin collection of products started in a very small kitchen in Cape Town and has since grown into a powerful brand with expert visuals and top quality organic skin ranges. It is by far my favourite local packaging and the use of simple, minimalistic and ever so slightly naive ink drawings speaks to my design heart like no other brand can. And then they brought out a clothing range.

Could anything possibly make my heart happier? The most exquisite clean lines, linen fabrics and tailored, effortless elegance are everything I want from life. Browsing through their collection evokes a truly serene calming feeling within me. I got in touch with the talented Nelle to arrange for a special feature and we had a little chat to find out more about her brand, clothing and vision.

Wass (Afrikaans pronunciation) has been inspired by the seasons, Winter, Autumn, Summer, and Spring. Drawing inspiration from the different elements that present itself through the transition of the seasons.   Share your favourite quote or the ethos that you follow with your brand.

 “Don’t criticise what you can’t understand.” – Bob Dylan

Tell us the story of what inspired you to create a clothing collection. I thrive on creating and setting new challenges for myself, growing a brand organically. How would you describe your aesthetic? My goal with Wass is to connect with individuals who are unique in their own style of being. My aesthetic is to give time to step back and reconnect with the essentials that nourish and relationships that feed on positive outcomes. Name your three favourite local female brands to follow on Instagram for inspiration. Painter Alexia Vogel textures and use of colour is beautiful; her paintings capture the nostalgia of places I dream to go. Artist Kirsten Sims sense of humor in her work reminds me life is not that serious and calculated as what it may seem. And Roche van den Berg who upcycles rubber waste in incredible jewellery pieces and installations that make you appreciate the rawness and artistry, of working with your hands.   Visually stimulating and sometimes a harsh place to procrastinate in. Personally, I try to limit my time spent on social media platforms, I feel it takes away the beauty of a persons mystery and privacy. wass-x-maria-magdalena-2 wass-x-maria-magdalena-3 wass-x-maria-magdalena-4 wass-x-maria-magdalena-5 wass-x-maria-magdalena-6   Yet another local female brand that has created something so truly special it makes my heart burst with pride to see our creative industry flourish. Support local, folks. It is our future.   All clothing available online here. You can also click on the images above and the content below to go straight to the piece you would like.   The Sleeveless JumpsuitEveryday Top + Everyday Dress Photographer: He is Visual  |  Model: She is Visual The Luna Jumpsuit Photographer: Nelle van Deventer  |  Model: Safia   Content – Maria Magdalena To be clear, I approached wass to feature their clothing because I absolutely adore it. This is not an advertising post in the slightest. My mom kindly bought the everyday top for my exhibition in Berlin. That is our tradition: she buys one locally hand crafted piece for each of my exhibitions to show her unfailing support for my journey as an artist.     

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