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Riverine Rabbit

This is the story of the Riverine rabbit, also known as the Oewerkonyn in Afrikaans. This beautiful little animal is one of the most endangered mammals in the world, with only 500 adults and 1500 overall still alive.
If you’ve been living in Cape Town, you know about Ash Restaurant – whether you have eaten there, have heard raving reviews about the food or have simply walked past it in town. I kept meaning to try it out, but never got around to it and when I eventually went online to book a table for a special occasion it said closed for renovations. Just my luck, I thought. The very next day, Mandy van der Berg, sister to head chef Ash Heeger who runs all forms of marketing for the restaurant, contacted me to discuss possible artworks for their newly renovated restaurant. What are the chances? At the time I was in the process of moving to my first admin company in the hopes to take on more of a creative role in my small art business instead of always being overrun by admin tasks. It’s been a bit of a process to get everything up and running smoothly, but it’s coming together nicely. My aim was to start creating and selling more original pieces, find places to exhibit them and to sell very limited edition ranges online. In essence, I want to start creating more one of a kind, limited edition capsules that will allow me to spend more time on each piece, create more pieces and make them considerably more valuable in the long run.     Mandy wanted a few of my Cape Town prints, but for a special restaurant like this I wanted to create some truly exceptional originals that will be both proudly South African, proudly Cape Town as well as tell stories and spread knowledge about certain indigenous plants, endangered animals and so forth. ASH Restaurant has been renamed and rebranded to Riverine Rabbit and while Mandy explained the reason behind this new name it inspired a few more pieces that would be beautiful, contemporary as well as informative and with a deeper meaning and purpose than just art for the sake of art.   This is the story of the Riverine rabbit, also known as the Oewerkonyn in Afrikaans. This beautiful little animal is one of the most endangered mammals in the world, with only 500 adults and 1500 overall still alive. The Riverine rabbit is the only indigenous burrowing rabbit in Africa and can be found in dense patches of riverine bush along seasonal rivers of the semi-arid central Karoo. Unlike the rapid breeding habits of most rabbit species, these nocturnal and often solitary Riverine rabbits produce a litter of one, rarely two, blind hairless rabbits born between August and May. Their lifespan in the wild is not more than four years. One of the main components of the Riverine rabbit’s diet is Lycium. There are many factors that have led to the Riverine rabbit to become critically endangered and one of them being a lack of general awareness about and knowledge of the species. Therefore it is my absolute privilege to present you all with three new drawings that are striking in their simplicity, true works of art – but also educational in nature to share the story about this exceptional rabbit, what they eat and where they live.   The framed original drawings are A5 on Fabriano paper and acid free, archival. They are on exhibition at the Riverine Rabbit restaurant in Cape Town. You are welcome to contact either me or the restaurant directly to purchase the original drawings. My admin team can quote you on local or international shipping. These drawings have also just been launched on my online store as part of my new highly exclusive limited edition of 10 fine art prints. They will be sold as A5, the size in which they were created. Custom framing quotes available on request.   Purchase the fine art prints here.   Riverine Rabbit Restaurant  Head Chef: Ash Heeger Artist: Maria Magdalena Atelier  

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