E-commerce is once again allowed in South Africa. We are now able to process and courier internationally.

E-commerce is once again allowed in South Africa. We are now able to process and courier internationally.

New York Exhibition

As a young girl, all I ever wanted was to move to New York to work in the fashion industry. My love of fashion evolved to a career in graphic design and almost accidentally to illustration. As a young adult, I received a gracious offer to stay in the Upper West Side with one of my clients, Simply African Living, to help with a pop-up shop. 1 2New-York-8 It was by far the biggest financial risk of my humble career as an artist but I was encouraged to take a chance by my unbelievably supportive fiancé and even received some much needed donations from two people that believed in my latest project as much as I did. I am forever grateful for the help I receive and the unwavering support of the people that believe in my journey and me. It is truly humbling and pushes me to always go further even when it is rather overwhelming.   IMG_9947 IMG_9918 IMG_9982 IMG_9912 IMG_9922 IMG_9978   This project came to life through my muse, Michelle Hattingh, author of “I’m the girl who was raped”. It is a truly inspiring book that was surely extraordinarily difficult to write but it is an issue we as a community should face head on in order to make a change, however small. Read through her stories up on my blog to understand each artwork. This is a project aimed at rejoicing in the empowerment of all females, celebrating the female form in all of its exquisite imperfections and a journey of rediscovering your power as a woman. A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to the Rape Crisis Foundation as a platform for your chosen piece to give back to a charity that can help all rape survivors in South Africa. This is by far some of the best work that I have done and I am so proud to see myself slowly growing into an illustrator that will attempt to capture difficult contemporary issues and use my art as a platform for change and the empowerment of women.   8 9 10   If you would like to be a part of this movement you can buy the above artworks in A4, A3 or 1000 x 700 mm fine art prints here or donate directly to the foundation or purchase Michelle Hattingh’s biography (information and links below).   Illustrator: Maria Magdalena Photography: Maria Magdalena   Muse: Michelle Hattingh Book: I’m the girl who was raped The Rape Crisis Foundation    

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Maria Magdalena is a Cape Town based contemporary illustrator celebrating an elegant simplicity through intricate lines of ink. Shop the current collections online or order your custom original illustration today.

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