E-commerce is once again allowed in South Africa. We are now able to process and courier internationally.

E-commerce is once again allowed in South Africa. We are now able to process and courier internationally.

It’s Glerping Time

On your first wedding anniversary, take that symbolic piece of paper and cherish it. Turn the page without any regrets. The paper is there to remind you of the origins of your love and the beginning of your story. Anna V
This year I have had the supreme pleasure of hand crafting a few original artworks as gifts to husbands for their first year anniversaries that is traditionally celebrated with paper. Each commission is a refreshingly new experience for me as I breathe life into their ideas through intricate lines of ink. One of my absolute favourites was for Anna-Belle & Craig Durrant. Capturing their cheeky personality in a drawing was such a treat as I have been following snippets of Anna-Belle’s adventurous life via her blog, She Said, and Instagram.   she-said-sa-3 she-said-sa-1 she-said-sa-6 she-said-sa-5 she-said-sa-7   This gift had me feeling inquisitive about the tradition of gifting paper for your first year anniversary, the symbolism behind it and when it all started. I had a little peek at what Anna V, the world’s first anniversary expert (yes, that’s a real thing), had to say about it. The tradition dates back all the way to the Victorian Era (1837-1901) and there are many different theories circulating about the symbolism so you are free to formulate your own opinion. Marriage traditions are after all about constructing rituals and traditions that resonate with you as a couple, and hold deep meaning as the years go on. Here are a few special symbolic reasons why paper is the traditional first year anniversary gift:
  • Paper represents the blank page symbolizing a fresh new start to a new year together.
  • Paper reminds us of the fragile and modest beginnings of marriage.
  • Paper symbolizes writing your future together.
  • Paper symbolizes the true interweaving of your lives.
  • Paper is a reminder of natural growth.
  • Paper is the eternal proclamation.
I rarely get a glimpse of how my artworks are incorporated in their new homes so I was thrilled when I saw Anna-Belle’s blog post of her mid century bedroom makeover. Take a peek below.  
Photographed by Anna-Belle Durrant
Photographed by Anna-Belle Durrant
Photographed by Anna-Belle Durrant
Illustration: Maria Magdalena Atelier If you would like to see the full photoshoot of Anna-Belle’s mid century bedroom makeover you can have a look here.    

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