E-commerce is once again allowed in South Africa. We are now able to process and courier internationally.

E-commerce is once again allowed in South Africa. We are now able to process and courier internationally.

Ink + Foil Workshop

Finally had some time to go through all of the photographs and share it with you all. This workshop was my very first one where I was in charge of everything. It was a daunting task, but I wanted to really focus on what I would personally want to attend and work from there. The idea was to create a space for people to not only learn about drawing, but to connect with someone new and celebrate our wonderfully talented female creatives in South Africa. Crisna, that attended my very first workshop, approached me earlier this year to host a workshop at The Styling Shed. I drove up to meet them and view the venue and truly fell in love. It is a serene farm that has been thoughtfully renovated to impress any Pinterest board and there is a delicious boutique café right next door. The venue was booked and so the work began. My first idea was to write a guidebook. Another first! I have gained an immense amount of respect for writers through this process. It is a very lengthy process of creating, editing, and illustrating and is quite as emotionally draining as drawing. In this book I shared as much of my knowledge and contacts as I could to help the attendees on their own path. Packed with trade secrets, of course. The second idea was to join hands with some of my favourite local female creatives to create a gift bag of all of the things I would adore to receive. They were thoughtfully chosen to form a cohesive, luxurious collection of handmade tactile pieces. View the full collection here. My absolute favourite florist, Bouwer Flowers, very kindly came on board to create some truly exceptional foliage arrangements. It strikingly transformed the space and the attendees could choose their favourite foliage to learn to draw from life. The organic drawings that everyone produced were truly special. This theme of female celebration stretched into all aspects of the workshop from the ladies who run The Styling Shed, to the photographer Jessica Stafford, to the florist Bouwer Flowers and even the stylist Matanna Katz. At first it was not intentional, but it soon became a very special process of discovering and sharing the incredible work of female entrepreneurs in our local creative community. Now the part that you have all been waiting for: the photographs so beautifully captured by Jessica Stafford (high five if you read to this point!).   IMG_9010 IMG_9015 IMG_9017 IMG_9032 IMG_9024 IMG_9022 IMG_9045 IMG_9060 IMG_9067 IMG_9090 IMG_9102 IMG_9070 IMG_9088 IMG_9083 IMG_9103 IMG_9122 IMG_9127 IMG_9130 IMG_9160 IMG_9198 IMG_9179 IMG_9174 IMG_9168 IMG_9222 IMG_9234 IMG_9256 IMG_9264 IMG_9294 IMG_9319 IMG_9334 IMG_9345 IMG_9358 IMG_9360 IMG_9374 IMG_9391 IMG_9399 IMG_9402 IMG_9403 IMG_9407 IMG_9419 IMG_9418 IMG_9434 IMG_9439 IMG_9425 IMG_9424   I have had a few broken hearts that couldn’t attend this workshop and I promise to host another one next year in my new studio. It is wonderfully industrial with a view of Table Mountain. If you would like your name on the list simply email me info@mariamagdalena.co.za and you will be added to the guest list with first option to purchase your ticket. It will be in March most likely.   The Wonderful Attendees Sune Turner, Natalie Steyn, Jessica Yoko, Maria Stallmann, Lonette De Vries, Angelique Smith, Ilze Louw, Clarissa Harteveld, Rone de Bruyn, Liani Jansen van Rensburg, Jazz Chrisite, Ashleigh Jane du Preez, Liza Fourie, Zoe van Tonder, Adele Combrinck, Isa de Villiers, Danielle Smith, Stephanie Smith, Judike van Heerden and Lize Marie Engelbrecht.   Gift Bag Sponsors | Klomp Ceramics, Wass, Jane Sews, Simply Granola, Mia Melange, Maria Magdalena and Summah Venue | The Styling Shed Foliage | Bouwer Flowers Photographer | Jessica Stafford Styling Hour | Matanna Katz of Ethereal Bound Journal    

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