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Golden Fox

It was one of the most empowering moments of my life getting a peek behind the camera at what my body was capable of. My body is strong, soft, supple, curvaceous and above all else, art.
I have admired the Golden Fox brand from a distance for quite some time now and reached out to Simone a while back to simply and genuinely compliment her on the amazing body positive brand that she has created. Women appreciating and loving their bodies and celebrating them unashamedly through photography is something that I admire greatly. In a world with a relentless stream of judgement from outside sources as well as the harshest judgment we reserve for ourselves, it’s a pretty spectacular thing to break out of that negative loop and celebrate your female form. Finding the courage to proudly have it shared across social media is even more amazing to me.
My Golden Fox shoot came at a time where I was at my most vulnerable. I had quit nicotine 3 days prior, had my thirtieth birthday coming up and then straight after that my wedding. All of these big milestones cramped into the space of two months. Simone and Che came to my apartment, pampered me like a princess and very gently helped me through some beautiful poses. It was one of the most empowering moments of my life getting a peek behind the camera at what my body was capable of. My body is strong, supple, curvaceous and above all else, art.
What an unbelievable privilege to have my almost 30-year-old body captured like this a month before our wedding. What an experience. Every woman deserves to feel this special. Treat yourself today. Hug yourself. Tell yourself you love yourself. Thank your beautiful body for its strength and resilience even though you don’t always treat it that well. If you love your own body, it will inspire all of the females in your life to have the courage to do the same. And if you have an insecure wobble every now and then be even kinder to yourself – you are allowed your bad days as much as you are allowed the good ones.
    Photographs by Golden Fox Hair and Make-up by Ché And me! www.mariamagdalena.co.za

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