Order A2 and bigger fine art prints by 1 December. Final clearance of items in stock 11 December after which the online store will close indefinitely. Please allow for 10 business days to receive your order and account for slight delays at this time of year. If you do not receive email confirmation please email us at info@mariamagdalena.co.za and we will sort it out for you. Thank you for your support!


Who is emailing me when I place an order?

I am so excited to share that all of my dreams have come true and I now have two fabulous ladies who handles all of my Artis Admin. You will receive emails from either Ashleigh or Monique and they will expertly handle your order, package it and safely ship it to you. 

Does MM offer private Workshops?

Yes, sometimes people would like personal attention and need more in depth guidance. The private workshops are R2500.00 and I will create a personalized course for you depending on your specific needs. All of your drawing materials will be provided and these workshops will take place either at my studio or home. This is your space to ask all the questions you would like and where I can share my knowledge and advice in the creative industry.

When will your next Workshop be?

I adore my incredible workshops. It is truly a special day when I get to share what I love most with likeminded people. Unfortunately this year with my high volume of both graphic and illustration work (and wedding planning!) it has been impossible to spend 3 months planning a workshop. And yes, it literally takes 3 months to plan only one. I immerse myself into the planning fully and create truly exceptional workshops, but for that I need a lot of time. I am hoping to start again next year (2019) now that I have an Artist Admin team that can possibly help.

Where can I collect my online purchase?

My wonderful ladies at Artist Admin will get in touch with you to arrange your collection. They are based in Observatory, Cape Town.

When will I receive my online order?

You will receive your online order anywhere in the world usually within 10 business days. This of course depends on stock seeing as all orders are custom created, but in general it will be 10 business days or less. We will keep you up to date with the order process and provide you with a tracking number. Your parcel will arrive at your door (no pesky Post Office pick ups).

Is it safe to pay on the MM online store?

Yes, we have an SSL certificate that encrypts the website to ensure the absolute best security. If you are nervous, you are more than welcome to order your artwork via email info@mariamagdalena.co.za where MM will provide you with a private invoice and banking details.

Why do you not have your cellphone number available on the website anymore?

Unfortunately, when you have your cellphone number on a website you receive an overwhelming amount of spam phone calls and texts from call centers (sometimes up to 10 a day) which has led me to remove my personal cellphone number from my website. If you email me my cellphone number is immediately available in my signature.

My artist admin company is always available to answer any of your online store related questions. Other than that, I am a one-man-band and when I am doing any form of creative work both my email and cellphone is switched off to focus and produce the best possible quality work. I do however check my email multiple times a day and I will get back to you as soon as humanly possible.


We are always working to update our FAQ and will constantly strive to add more to this list as our business grows. Do not hesitate to contact MM with your questions regarding any online sales, collections.

Maria Magdalena is a Cape Town based contemporary illustrator celebrating an elegant simplicity through intricate lines of ink. Shop the current collections online or order your custom original illustration today.

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