E-commerce is once again allowed in South Africa. We are now able to process and courier internationally.

E-commerce is once again allowed in South Africa. We are now able to process and courier internationally.
Styled shoot of Maria Magdalena for Lulu and Marula

Conteu | Volume 1

Conteu Volume 1

“Kindled from the French word raconteur, meaning storyteller, Conteu Magazine is a collection of stories that celebrate the makers, honour the thinkers and inspire the adventurers.” – Megan & Chloe
  Make. Think. Adventure. I met the lovely Megs and Chloë of Conteu Magazine in 2015 while I was in Durban exhibiting my Wild Lines collection with Jane Sews at The Commune. They shared wonderful stories about the online publication that they were working on and asked if I could illustrate something special for them. In 2016 I handcrafted the Abode collection to be exhibited at their launch in collaboration with She is Visual at the Modern Heirloom and the illustrations were featured in their online issue. Yesterday, to my absolute delight, I received a beautifully packaged gift with a hand written note from Megs and Chloë thanking me for my involvement and contribution to their dream. They had me hooked with the packaging already but I was blown away to discover the most elegantly simplistic printed first edition of the Conteu publication tucked away in brown paper. The minimalist design, faintly textured paper, selection of artwork and overall authentic feel to this magazine is groundbreaking of in South Africa. Local has never looked so sophisticated and can only be compared to the standards of Cereal or Kinfolk publications. The stories are expertly written and celebrate the immense creative industry in South Africa.   IMG_5612 IMG_5619 IMG_5621 IMG_5656 IMG_5648 IMG_5654 IMG_5646 Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset  
“A house, in whatever form it may take, is not simply where we rest our head, it’s a personal reflection of who we are.”
  A B O D E Megs and Chloe asked me one simple question: If people started looking like their homes, what would they look like? I considered that for a while and paid extra attention to my friend’s homes and how each of them unknowingly conveyed their personalities. This became the starting point for the three illustrations: Kale, Fae + Mau. Read more about each character below.     IMG_0347   ‘Kale’ refers to an exceptionally adventurous, curious and strong male. He feels most at home escaping a busy city life and heading for the mountains entrenched by nature and relying on his own two hands to hunt and gather. This intricate line drawing celebrates the authentic male with a sincere love for nature in his heart even if his career requires him to live within cities from time to time.   IMG_0324 IMG_2419 maria_magdalena_abode-8IMG_0341   The name ‘Mau’ is derived from the Middle Egyptian word ‘mjw’ meaning cat. The modern Egyptian Mau is said to have originated in 1952, in Italy, where exiled Russian Princess Natalie Trubetskaya met the cat of the Egyptian Ambassador. This intricate line drawing celebrates strong creative females with an overwhelming love for their feline friends, a great collection of books and possibly enjoys a glass of red wine at home.   maria_magdalena_abode-20 IMG_2411IMG_0349   The name ‘Fae’ is derived from the Old French faerie describing enchantment with various folkloristic traditions referring to them euphemistically by names such as good folk, people of peace or fair folk. This intricate line drawing celebrates creative, natural, authentic females bringing tranquility to their homes through plants, pattern, organic textures and exotic teas.   maria_magdalena_abode-2 IMG_2458 IMG_2503 IMG_2421   I have never been so proud to be a part of something. The amount of effort, sheer dedication, sacrifice and attention to detail is truly inspirational. Well done, ladies! You have created something extraordinary. If you are interested in owning one of your own head on over to the Conteu Website. It is very affordable. If you are interested in the limited edition prints you can purchase them from my website. Illustrations: Maria Magdalena Atelier Styled Art Photographs: She is Visual Abode Event Photography: Sarah Le Sueur Abode Event Venue: The Modern Heirloom Main Image: Conteu Magazine    

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