E-commerce is once again allowed in South Africa. We are now able to process and courier internationally.

E-commerce is once again allowed in South Africa. We are now able to process and courier internationally.

Black Betty

There is something so delicately authentic about raw diamond slices. It is refreshingly different to the usual polished perfection and is somewhat less expensive. They are referred to as Polki or Kundan diamonds and are essentially uncut diamonds mined from the earth in a natural way without enhancement or lab creation.

I stumbled upon a local brand recently, Black Betty, that sells them and went through all of their products online where I fell head over heels in love. To my surprise I discovered beautifully minimalistic, double gold plated ear jackets as well.

Being an incredibly fussy buyer I generally spend months thinking about a product before I invest in it and at that point they are usually sold out. These pieces I absolutely had to own so I humbly offered my services to do a trade exchange and the lovely Kristin agreed. I was over the moon to say the least.

I popped in to her studio in Wale Street where I had an incredible morning viewing her collection, learning about the products and even seeing the behind the scenes of a fashion shoot that was taking place. What an incredibly inspiring experience. Cape Town truly has raw talent around every corner and to my utter delight most of them are female.

In the ever-growing anxiety of running your own art brand, these are the projects that breathe life back into my creative soul. What an honour and absolute pleasure to illustrate for such an inspiring brand and to play around with my styling and photography skills.

Have a look at what I came up with and let me know what you think!

Blog-Black-Betty-x-Maria-Magdalena-1 Blog-Black-Betty-x-Maria-Magdalena-2 Blog-Black-Betty-x-Maria-Magdalena-3 Blog-Black-Betty-x-Maria-Magdalena-4 Blog-Black-Betty-x-Maria-Magdalena-5 Blog-Black-Betty-x-Maria-Magdalena-6   Thank you to the lovely Kristin of Black Betty for agreeing to collaborate with me on this extremely special project. I had so much fun creating the illustrations, styling and photographs. What an absolute pleasure!   Jewellery: Black Betty Illustration, Styling + Photography: Maria Magdalena Foliage: Wildflower Studio + Bouwer Flowers  

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