E-commerce is once again allowed in South Africa. We are now able to process and courier internationally.

E-commerce is once again allowed in South Africa. We are now able to process and courier internationally.

a purist home makeover

A visual story capturing the home makeover by House of Hawks for Natelee Cocks, two wildly talented South African ladies currently working and living in Dubai.
  I was recently introduced to the Australian series, The Block. It has quickly become my favourite show to watch. My thoughts are now completely immersed in all things architecture and interior design. I adore seeing where my artworks end up and was blown away when one of my special clients, Natelee Cocks, emailed me photographs of my pieces up in her newly renovated home. She commissioned two tiny originals last year, as a gift to her husband, capturing their favourite memories of travels and adventures together (you can view and read the full story behind the artworks here). Natelee is an immensely talented photographer from South Africa who is currently living and working in Dubai. After moving to a gorgeous duplex apartment in the Dubai Marina district, she approached a dear friend and colleague, House of Hawkes, to help her create something truly special for their new home. This is one of the most incredible spaces I have ever seen and I am sure you would agree. Have a look below.   HouseOfHawkes_NateleeCocks_0038 HouseOfHawkes_NateleeCocks_0025 HouseOfHawkes_NateleeCocks_0016 HouseOfHawkes_NateleeCocks_0037 HouseOfHawkes_NateleeCocks_0015 HouseOfHawkes_NateleeCocks_0013 HouseOfHawkes_NateleeCocks_0006 HouseOfHawkes_NateleeCocks_0008 HouseOfHawkes_NateleeCocks_0027 HouseOfHawkes_NateleeCocks_0033 HouseOfHawkes_NateleeCocks_0032 HouseOfHawkes_NateleeCocks_0059 HouseOfHawkes_NateleeCocks_0045 HouseOfHawkes_NateleeCocks_0052 HouseOfHawkes_NateleeCocks_0095 HouseOfHawkes_NateleeCocks_0110 HouseOfHawkes_NateleeCocks_0065 HouseOfHawkes_NateleeCocks_0062 HouseOfHawkes_NateleeCocks_0069 HouseOfHawkes_NateleeCocks_0067 HouseOfHawkes_NateleeCocks_0072 HouseOfHawkes_NateleeCocks_0091 HouseOfHawkes_NateleeCocks_0099 HouseOfHawkes_NateleeCocks_0085   If you would like to read the full story including all of the tags for where to get the products yourself you can have a look at the House of Hawkes blog post here.   photography | Natelee Cocks interior stylist | House of Hawkes tiny originals | Maria Magdalena    

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