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“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” Eleanor Roosevelt
Over the last two years where life has become far busier and more demanding I have been giving a lot of thought to experiences and the importance of breaking away from your routine to prioritize quality time with friends, family or lovers. My friends and family are becoming ever more scattered across South Africa and quite a few have immigrated so it has become vital to grab every opportunity we have to enjoy our time together. A gift is an expression of your love; the gift of experience is to build memories with your loved ones. My childhood friend Kari is expecting her first baby and we had her baby shower this past weekend. It is the first of our close school friends to have a baby so you can imagine our enthusiasm. Two of our best girlfriends flew up for the weekend and instead of simply joining the festivities we decided to surprise her with a little getaway to Franschhoek. We named ourselves Fauna, Flora and Merryweather as baby Daniël’s fairy godmothers to treat him and his mom to a weekend of blessings, love and relaxation. We found an inexpensive AirBnB called Le Provence Cottages for the night, booked a table at Foliage and pedicures at Babylonstoren Garden Spa. This provided us with the most astonishing two days of leisure and the space to simply enjoy being together again.  
Maria Magdalena van Wyk (Merryweather), Kari Jonker (mom to be), Candice Mounseur-Wilson (Fauna) & Ilze Ritter (Flora). Fairy Godmothers for the weekend.
This was my first AirBnB booking and I did not expect much. Our focus was on our experiences while we were there and we were simply looking for a couple of affordable, comfortable beds. Upon arrival we were blown away and frankly thought we were at the wrong place. The cottage is exquisite and set in a tranquil valley overlooking plush plantations and mountain ranges. Our hosts were charmingly hospitable and they even brought us a small breakfast. This feels like one of those Cape Town discoveries that you have to share. There have been multiple times when we have wanted to attend the Bastille Day or spend the afternoon on the renowned Wine Tram but to travel all the way back to Cape Town after a few of glasses of wine does not seem like the best idea. This is the perfect place for friends or a small family. It is rustic with two rooms, three beds, a kitchenette and a bathroom. There is a braai area ideal for a lovely summer braai. It is clean, tranquil and encased by nature. Everything you would need for a night or two away. The food at Foliage and the Babylonstoren Garden Spa would need their own blog posts entirely to capture how perfect they were. Foliage was named as one of the top ten restaurants in South Africa while we were eating there on Saturday night so you can just imagine the unbelievable quality of food. It was my second visit to the Babylonstoren Garden Spa this month and there will most certainly be a post about them in the very near future.   img_4737 img_4740 img_4730 img_4742 img_4728 untitled-1 img_4733 La Provence Cottages | Rose Apartment Foliage Restaurant Babylonstoren Garden Spa Wine Tram   Just a note to confirm that all of my blog post are authentic experiences that I have booked and paid for myself unless otherwise stated. Absolutely none of this is for any form of advertising or trade exchange.  

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