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Month: September 2016

Mountain Retreat

“And if these mountains had eyes, they would wake to find two strangers in their fences, standing in admiration as a breathing red pours its tinge upon earth’s shore. These mountains, which have seen untold sunrises, long to thunder praise but stand reverent, silent so that man’s weak praise should be given God’s attention.” — Donald Miller

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Bamboo Revolution

“It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.” ― Rainer Maria Rilke

The lovely ladies of Bamboo Revolution contacted me earlier this year to do a Weekend Takeover for them on Instagram. I absolutely adore their exquisite wristwatches and I am delighted to launch their latest green strap petit (limited edition of 30 so fabulously exclusive) wristwatch for their Green Month in September. The watch faces are made from carbonated bamboo, with inherent characteristics, making each watch face unique and is paired with an African-inspired ostrich leather watchstrap. Each piece is hand-assembled and the handmade packaging is entirely recyclable. The Bamboo Revolution team strongly believe in and support the idea of creating a greener, more conscious and sustainable environment and for this reason they donate a percentage of their proceeds to planting trees in areas that are in need of reforestation or afforestation. Bamboo Revolution was born out of a humble student project at CPUT in 2012 and is a beautifully inspirational local brand that is sincerely worth supporting.

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